Dog Bites

"They keep themselves in a bubble, out of contact with reality," Loaeza explained. "They want to ignore what's happening in this country, and keep on believing in the old class structure."

So we sent a reporter from Dog Bites' Mexico City bureau to the new Bebe store, where we chatted up customer Susana Marta, a 50-year-old with red-dyed, bobbed hair, a tight black shirt, and bright red lips.

Bebe clothes are "very modern, very light. It's sporty but nice," she explained. Marta Gil, also 50, concurred: "It's a very fresh concept, very young."

Though these women struck us as a little old to be pursuing the kinderwhore look depicted in Bebe's advertising, we couldn't learn anything official about the fortunes of the new location: Bebe Stores Inc. is going public and currently observing a "quiet period" mandated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

-- Matt Smith

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