Perverted Justice?

Or is a new law that puts sexual predators in long-term psychiatric lock-up really -- and finally -- justice for perverts?

"First it was the 46th Avenue Boys," Felix says. "Then it was the Ninth & Judah Boys, and then it was the West Portal Boys. As time went on it was all just SDI, Sunset District Incorporated. We would get into fights on the beach. We'd sell drugs: pot, coke, PCP, Quaaludes."

Felix first did time as a juvenile for auto theft. It was February 1977, and he was 16. He was declared a ward of the court and made to participate in psychiatric therapy, according to Probation Department records. It was his second fleeting experience with counseling. After he saw his mother raped when he was 11 or 12 (Felix has a hard time remembering exact dates), he was placed in a children's psychiatric facility for several months. A short time later he had an aborted suicide attempt, according to what he told a court-appointed psychiatrist.

Felix was busted again in March 1977 for joy riding, and he served time at Log Cabin Ranch, a San Francisco juvenile facility in La Honda. A month after that, a burglary landed him in the San Francisco Boys Home. Four months went by, and then he was convicted of assault. Back he went to Log Cabin. In August 1977, he was released to his mother's custody, and for nearly a year Felix had no contact with law enforcement.

In July of 1978, at the age of 17, he raped his uncle's neighbor. After he'd finished his Youth Authority sentence for that rape, Felix was convicted again for burglary, in February 1981. An adult at the time, Felix went to state prison. He was paroled in April 1982.

Less than a month after his release, Felix attempted to rape a woman, according to a record of his crimes compiled by the Probation Department, which was provided to SF Weekly by Felix's lawyer. He grabbed the woman off the street and commanded her to "suck him off." She broke free and ran. He was not arrested.

In July Felix went back to prison, having violated his parole on the burglary conviction by using drugs. He was released on Sept. 18, 1982. Within a week, he began a wild, seven-day sex-assault spree. Now, 16 years later, the state believes Felix is not through accounting for those seven days of madness.

Law enforcement records pinpoint the exact moment Felix became a full-fledged sexual predator: At 5:45 a.m. on Sept. 24, 1982, on Judah between 23rd and 24th streets, Scott Felix ran up behind Amy Taggert, grabbed her, and put his hand over her mouth. Taggert started to scream, but Felix threw her to the ground. "Shut your mouth, bitch," he snarled. Felix decided to leave, zipping up his pants and fleeing west on Judah Street.

Less than 20 minutes later, Felix, cruising in his El Camino, spotted Mary Wong, walking along 27th Avenue on her way to a bus stop. Felix jumped out of his car and grabbed Wong, trying to clamp his hand over her mouth. He kept saying, "Be quiet. Be quiet." Wong did nothing of the sort. She broke free and ran screaming.

Six days later, Felix was cruising the aisles of 7-Eleven in the Sunset at 1 a.m., out of his mind, he says, on booze and PCP, and probably a host of other narcotics. Felix approached Ann Mackey, and in a strangely calm voice said, "I want to attack you." She ignored him and went outside with her groceries. Felix snatched them from her and put them in his car. Unwisely, Mackey went in after them, and Felix kidnapped her, driving to the beach with one hand on the wheel and another around Mackey.

At Ocean Beach, Mackey made a run for it. She didn't get far. Felix caught her, threw her on her back, got on top of her, and forced her to orally copulate him. Afterward, he hauled Mackey to his car and drove her to a caretaker's shed in Golden Gate Park, where he raped her repeatedly.

Felix then drove her home, and left her with this chilling thought: He lived nearby, he said, and he was coming back to see her the next night at the same time. Mackey immediately went to the police, but before they could catch him, Felix would strike two more times. And he was growing more violent.

Two days after he raped Mackey, Felix was out on the streets, prowling again in the early morning. This time he approached May Hussein at a bus stop at Second Avenue and Gonzales Drive, near San Francisco State University. He asked her the time. While Hussein was providing it, she realized that Felix's pants were down around his ankles. Felix grabbed Hussein by her long hair, threw her to the ground, and began beating her. He clutched her throat and told her he was going to kill her. He tried to take her to his car, but Hussein struggled too much. Felix then began ordering her to "jack him off" and "suck him." He placed her mouth on his penis, but did not penetrate it. As he was trying to consummate the rape of Hussein, a security guard from the nearby Park Merced apartments drove by. Felix pulled up his pants and escaped. Hussein was hospitalized with bruises and contusions.

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