Perverted Justice?

Or is a new law that puts sexual predators in long-term psychiatric lock-up really -- and finally -- justice for perverts?

Felix can't answer any question simply. "I think if you gave me that scenario, it [the law] would make sense, if prior to him getting out of prison, he received extensive treatment, and after two years he still wasn't improved. Then, no, I wouldn't want him in the community."

So the law is appropriate for pedophiles? "Absolutely."
I present him with the profiles of truly extreme rapists, including Althor "Crazy" Cain, and ask for his thoughts. Again, nothing is clear and easy with Felix.

"Personally, myself, I am not a doctor. I think there is a big difference between child molesters and persons who rape. It's a catastrophic thing to be a victim of rape. I understand that. And I know a victim of rape would say, 'No way, you are wrong.' I think they are two different animals. One is sick in the brain, has a very demented train of thought, and the other person has a thought process that can be worked out."

Whether confinement under the sexually violent predator law is appropriate for Scott Felix is unclear. When it comes down to it, everyone will just have to wait and see. If a judge or jury decides to send him to Atascadero, everyone will have to wait and see if he receives proper treatment, or if the state lets him go, should he make progress with his mental problems.

And if he's let back into the world of remote-control TV and walks on the beach, everyone will still have to wait and see. Scientific studies show that the re-offense rate for rapists peaks at a point of 10 years after release from incarceration.

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