Sing on oh Jewel
And then join us for fun
As we all stay up
And welcome the new sun
For we'll party til dawn
And then perhaps more
Until the next eve
When we hear your new score.

So just stay with me forever,
Because it'll be too hard on me.
Especially if you leave me,
Just don't leave me ever.
So please stay another moment with me,
Or I shall perish forever,
With you being with me never,
You have to stay another moment with thee ....

Free Ink Named for a forgotten waterway that runs under the Mission District, the Mission Creek Music Festival began as a carrot that Zmrzlina singer/guitarist Jeff Ray awarded himself and other eclectic local acts he admired -- including, at last year's Starcleaners debut, Virginia Dare, Barbara Manning, and Craig Ventresco from Bo Grumpus. Now Ray's going annual with his little shindig. "I want acoustic, country, rock, poetry, and everything in between," he says. "I want people who I respect and who are sincere about their music, but I definitely don't want this thing to get too big. It must remain very low key and comfortable." This year's show, scheduled for Saturday, June 20, has been moved to El Rio's very comfortable patio. The lineup includes Tom Armstrong, the Roofies, Beth Lisick, Ventresco, Manning, and Timco (who have played only one other show since their recent reunion); inside after dark will be Broken Horse, Zmrzlina, and Rube Waddell. The cover is $7, although, Ray admits, "show up in the evening and we'll probably just charge five." (S.T.)

It's a Benefit Live 105 faves Black Lab will headline "Rock Against Rape," a 25th-anniversary fund-raiser for San Francisco Women Against Rape, Monday at Bimbo's. Other bands on the bill: Storm & Her Dirty Mouth (whose Amazonian frontwoman, ex-Flower S.F. singer Storm Large, organized the event), Low Hum Satellite (featuring former members of Lilyvolt and the Counting Crows), and Noelle Hampton, an S.F. singer/songwriter who'll play the Lilith Fair the next day (and who's a local fave of Alice 97.3). The $15 cover will go to SFWAR, and the show starts at 7 p.m. (J.D.P.)

Riff Raff riffraff: Robert Arriaga (R.A.), Johnny DiPaola (J.D.P.), Karl D. Esturbense (K.D.E.), Jeff Stark (J.S.), Silke Tudor (S.T.), Heather Wisner (H.W.), and Bill Wyman (

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