Dog Bites

Who says America's infrastructure is failing?
Still, most of our correspondents agreed that public transit is hellish. "I'm always delighted to read Muni horror stories," writes Mark Van Slyke.

"BMD -- Bad Muni Day -- is what I say to my boss as I arrive late for work," he adds. Quick thinking!

Anyway, Mark has a suggestion. And frankly, we're considering it, because we're getting tired of reading Jon Carroll and being roared at by furry ex-hippies for our trouble.

"Here's the thing," says Mark. "And the SF Weekly would be perfect for it: A Muni column. Devote a few column inches weekly to someone's Muni horror story. I'm telling you, this would be a surefire hit." Now, we realize the Ex tried this for a while, but the field seems to be open at the moment --and of course, we print profanity.

So it's reader participation time. Want to share your Muni tales? Want to read others' Muni tales? Let us know -- remember, this is your Dog Bites.

Yeah, right.

As told to Laurel Wellman

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