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Free Ink: Monster of Rock Once upon a time, on a swing through the Pacific Northwest, Thelonious Monster singer Bob Forrest was forced to make an extended pit stop on a local band's couch after an injury and some serious pain medication slowed him down. As his hosts described it, everything was fine until the affable, almost elfin Forrest began singing "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" over and over from a reclining position, at which time his bandmates sent him back to L.A. on a Greyhound bus. As it turns out, Forrest was the most consistent element to the group, which went through a half-dozen incarnations before and after that incident, recorded three albums, and broke up for good in the early '90s. That left Forrest to face his demons (pharmaceutical and otherwise), which he did achingly on his solo album Beautiful Mess. Fans have seen too little of Forrest since then, making his upcoming local appearance on Monday, Sept. 14, at Brain Wash -- singing new stuff and old Thelonious Monster material with a 10-piece orchestra and Tom Waits horn player Ralph Carney -- a post-drug comeback not to be missed. (H.W.)

Oops Last week Riff Raff correspondent Jack Boulware misidentified Carl Palmer, who plays drums for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Greg Lake, who plays guitars and bass and sings. Sorry about the mistake. (J.S.)

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