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The Best Place for Nestor in the Best Place on Earth
As a native who grew up in the Mission I have a question for this spoiled brat Nestor Makhno to consider: What makes you think, as a transplant to our neighborhood, that you have any right to move in and start dictating your ill-thought brain-dead blather as to what we should read, how we should live, and what vehicles we should drive ("Mission Yuppie Identification Project! Radio Ear Tags Next!" Dog Bites, Sept. 16; "Yuppie Bastards: Caveat Emptor," Letters, Sept. 16)?

This may come as a surprise to you, Mr. Makhno, but some of us in the Mission have ambition, work, and don't sit around making posters complaining how the world sucks because we can't afford to pay rent and still find time to skateboard all day. You claim that you "moved here [Mission] to get away from the kind of people who drive sport utility vehicles and read Wired magazine." Well, lucky us that you have chosen to bless our neighborhood with your ideology and save us from our evil ways. Did it ever occur to you that you and your thugs might be damaging the property of people you claim to be protecting? Ultimately, you're only sending more money to the biggest "predators of the global market system," the insurance companies, via increased rates.

Recently my 14-year-old car was vandalized simply because it was shiny and well-maintained. I am not a yuppie and I don't own a car to be prestigious. I'm a student and I work full time. Your actions betray what's truly wrong with our neighborhood -- transplant punks who come in thinking San Francisco owes them an alternative district to be lazy counterproductive whiners.

Please withhold my name from publication. (I can't afford to replace another window.)

Name Withheld
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