Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I read the piece in your column about the woman who found her boyfriend's come-shot scrapbook [Sept. 23]. My girlfriend found similar material that I produced and also freaked out. I tried to explain it to her this way: A lot of guys find their own semen sexy; the amount they produce is a sign of virility, and the sight of it shooting out is visually stimulating in addition to being intensely pleasurable. Males think of their own spooge as "love juice," and regard it as their "essence." Since we are so self-absorbed, we assume our mates will feel the same way. Unfortunately, however, most women seem to regard semen as a substance similar to battery acid.

Given the above, it's understandable that the woman who wrote you found it difficult to understand her boyfriend's kink. I just want him to know, if he's reading this, that there are a lot of guys like us.


Hey, Tong: Pointy-headed sex researchers have established that straight men are aroused not only by the sight of their own semen shooting out, but by the sight of other men ejaculating. Hence the importance of the monotonous come-shot (aka the money shot) in straight porn videos ostensibly produced for straight male porn consumers (aka beater-offers).

Hey, Stupid: Buy my dumb book! Savage Love: Straight Answers From America's Most Popular Sex Columnist is available wherever fine trade paperbacks are sold.

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