Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You know what deferred payments are. You're probably familiar with the concept of deferred sleep. But have you heard about deferred pain? It's angst you can put off for a rainy day when you're more in the mood to benefit from it. And this week, Capricorn, I recommend a hearty, hedonistic week full of all the above deferments. Accumulate a little debt if you must, go without your usual amount of sleep, and refuse to recognize any torment that might interfere with your inalienable right to act like an open-hearted sex god. You've got a date to indulge in a cathartic romp on the frontiers of science.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Even if you're a woman, your job is to be like a spyboy this week. In Mardi Gras, a spyboy is the person who cavorts at the front of the parade, serving as a combination clown and troublemaker. His job is to get everyone riled up, to do whatever it takes to induce the giddy craziness necessary to escape normal patterns of thought and behavior. You've got to have a commanding presence to be a good spyboy, Aquarius, as well as an ability to provoke healing mischief.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March- 20): It's not utterly out of the question that you'll get stigmata this week. I wouldn't be shocked, for that matter, if a burning bush spoke to you, or a spiky-haired angel materialized at your bedside long enough to slip you a prophetic (though intensely practical) vision. In other words, Pisces, the spirit world is dying to deliver a very concrete statement. Invisible yayas are about to become bankable gagas. Let's hope that in the face of such explicit revelations you'll be willing to revise your religious beliefs.

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