Savage Love

Dumped Insecurity

Hey, DI: My advice for you: Don't send me this letter anymore. You've sent this letter a dozen times, via fax, snail mail, and the Ottawa X Press in Canada. Don't you get it? There's a reason your letter hasn't appeared in the paper, and it's not because I failed to get the last 11 copies. You and your problem are boring. The guy you hurt sounds like a doormat; you sound like a psycho. I couldn't care less whether you ever get off your gutless ass and call him; nor do I care whether he leaves the door of his friendship open to you or slams it in both your faces. Call him or don't; win back his friendship or live without. I don't care!

Hey, Faggot: I need your advice. How do I convince my mother that it is OK for both of us to be at a nudist resort on the same day? We were both introduced to the lifestyle by an ex-girlfriend. Both of us belong to the same resort, but she won't go if she knows I'm going. My mom has missed some fun nude times because she won't go to the resort when she knows I'm there. What do I do?

Nude in Ontario

Hey, NIO: Leave your mom alone, that's what you do. If Mom isn't comfortable runnin' around in front of her daughter with her tits pointing south, well, that's her business, isn't it? Just because you both enjoy the "nudist lifestyle" it doesn't necessarily follow that there's something wrong with Mom if she doesn't want to enjoy the "lifestyle" in front of you. There are things my mother and I both enjoy doing, sexual and otherwise, but we don't necessarily have to do them in front of each other. For example: My mom and I both like to take long, hot baths -- but not with each other. My advice: You and mom should join different nudist resorts and have your "fun nude times" in separate nudist encampments.

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