Savage Love

I have never seen him or talked to him on the phone and feel kind of strange about letting him stay at my place. I live with my parents and I'm still in the closet. I don't know what will happen if I offer to let him stay at my house. On the other hand, staying in a hotel is not cheap. And what if he's expecting me to let him stay here? He seems like a very nice guy. Tell me what I should do!

Toaster Master
Hey, TM: If he's a nice guy, he'll understand why you're not comfortable asking a man you've never seen or spoken with to stay at your parents' house. Help him find a cheap hotel near your house, and hang out with him while he's in town. If he's as nice in person as he is online, and it's clear he won't out you to your parents, maybe he could spend a couple of nights at your place toward the end of his visit. If he's expecting to stay with you, he's expecting too much of a pen pal, and could have other expectations you might not be comfortable with.

Hey, Faggot: My friend Elantra and I have a bet on this. She is under the impression that pubic hair can't go gray. I believe it can. Can you settle this once and for all?

Pubic Puzzlement
Hey, PP: The women in my family tend to go gray early, so make no assumptions about the age of my Aunt Peggy, who has graciously agreed to field your question. "The answer -- which I only found out recently -- is yes, I've been informed I have gray hair down there." Peggy dyes the hair on her head; does she plan to dye the hair in her pants? "No, it's not worth the bother. And it's only seen during private consultations."

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