Well, Shucks, You're Welcome.
Hip, hip, hooray! Bravo to SF Weekly for having the cojones to cover the Muni problem ("Rewarding Failure," Dec. 2). You are now my heroes.

Because rent is so high in this town, I can't afford a car, and I am subjected to Muni each and every day. Each and every day, I wait and wait for buses that never arrive. The excuse always is that the "other driver" didn't show up. How can the union justify such nonsense? If I just didn't show up for work, I'd be fired.

And, what's almost worse are the knee-jerk liberals in this town who support unions in every issue, because they think "management" is always wrong and unions are always right. I'm sure at this very moment there are folks writing you letters telling you how wonderful and caring the Muni union is. Yeah, caring for the drivers.

I was so disappointed last year during the BART strike that neither SF Weekly nor the Bay Guardian even covered the strike. I figured it was because the BART union was in the wrong, and to say so in print would not be politically correct. Well, I say, to hell with political correctness. The PC police have their heads up their asses. Muni is messed up and the union and politicians who kissed the union's feet and collected their money are to blame. Let's get rid of them all.

Martha Hughes

Untouchable Muni
Thanks for telling the basic truth about Muni ("Rewarding Failure"). Interesting to see if any politicians make it an issue. Maybe not -- a wise observer told me they avoid it, not only due to union clout, but because a large chunk of voters are knee-jerk leftists who'll vote against anyone who attacks the union. Maybe this year's meltdown will weaken their loyalty; but ideology often overpowers experience.

Fred Matthews
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We'll Take the Compliment
This is not the sort of journalism that one usually finds in the "alternative" press ("Rewarding Failure"). Although overwritten ("The awful truth"? Come on!), it contains truly excellent research. It tends to ignore traffic and management issues to concentrate on "union bashing" (entirely accurate, alas, in this case). To be fair, though, I hope the second half addresses Muni's other problems.

Don't look for a solution anytime soon. If Mayor Willie Brown really wanted to "fix Muni," he would have taken on the unions when he first entered office, during his political "honeymoon" and when the inevitable strike would have been forgotten by the time he needed to be re-elected. Today, it is far too late.

Donald Robertson
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Bronstein's Retreat
"I knew nothing ... I don't know ... I can't say" apparently sums up Examiner Executive Editor Phil Bronstein's expert assessment on his newspaper's gutless retreat from Jim Jones in the early '70s (Postscript, Nov. 18; Letters, Nov. 25).

Bronstein continues to shrug as he tiptoes around the issue at his new job. Sure, he wants to fit in. Enough to allow the Examiner to print that disgusting whitewash series on the Jonestown anniversary.

It's almost as bad as the "honorable" mayor -- and renowned Peoples Temple cheerleader -- Willie Brown, when he muttered "bulls---" to any apology for supporting Jim Jones, right after the 1978 massacre.

Hey, Phil, in between a power lunch and cocktail hour, hop on down to the local California Historical Society archives and read all about it. Or you can look at the online story at http://home.earthlink.net/~kkinsolv/.

Yeah. "Sorry" is the hardest word.
Tom Kinsolving
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So, Why Do You Ask?
Love that Man Who Came to Dinner column. Is Barry Levine a man or woman? Doesn't matter, I like the way it reads.

Arnold Wolf
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Nake Male Flesh!
Naked Male Flesh!
After reading your article regarding "Trophy Boys" (Nov. 18), my reaction is that, while the article didn't seem particularly flawed or untrue, I have to wonder what the point of dedicating all the print space to this subject was. The main feeling I have about it is that there would have been much more redeeming uses of the venue if the Weekly wishes to write articles about gay people.

As an example: Wouldn't it have been a much more worthwhile article in this particular week to run a story about gay people's feelings, perspective, and outlook on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Milk/Moscone assassinations? Granted, this would probably not have afforded the opportunity for the Weekly to place a naked male torso on the cover, but it would have no doubt been a more thought-provoking, timely thing to read.

Several of my friends and I are really wondering about SF Weekly being seemingly unshy about placing semi-homoerotic images on the cover ("peddling naked male flesh" is how one person put it), advertising content that basically reads like "here's some good dirt about queers."

J. Mark Andrus
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Where Is the Love?
In your article "Trophy Boys" about May/December relationships there seems to have been an effort to not report any human feelings about intimacy or communications which exist between human beings. Every relationship has its own story, and I am partnered to another man who is 20 years younger than my 65.

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