Circadia or Starbucks?
Reports have been trickling in that patrons of the new crypto-Starbucks restaurant, Circadia (at 2727 Mariposa), are confused as to whether they are actually in a Starbucks or in a restaurant. This attractive and easy-to-use comparison chart -- provided as a free service to our readers -- should resolve this question once and for all.

Feature Circadia Starbucks
Starbucks coffee drinks Y Y
Beans for sale Y Y
Tacky decor Y Y
Green Formica N Y
Brocade and velvet Y N
Glass case of greasy pastries Y Y
Must wait to be seated by hostess Y N
Uniformed staff N Y
Welcome in the Mission Y N
"Tall" coffee drinks Y Y
"Grande" coffee drinks Y Y
"Venti" coffee drinks N Y
Small or medium coffee drinks N N
Frappuccinos Y Y
Cocktails Y N
Chocolate fondue to go Y N
Private room for rent Y N
Canned music mixes Y Y
Poetry readings Y N
Noisy steamed beverages Y N/A
forbidden during poetry readings
Free refills on soda Y N
Free refills on coffee N N
Admits it's a chain N Y

By Paul Adams

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