Savage Love

Hey, JOTS: I'm already getting "e-mail postcard" pictures of kittens and chain e-mail lists of JAP jokes that were stale in the mid-'80s. I delete these e-mails, of course. And I have a simple plan to deal with my in-box filling with bullshit: Every once in a while, I'll change my e-mail address.

Oh, and anyone tempted to mail me bullshit, please be advised: Send kittens or lists of JAP jokes, and I will publish your e-mail address, and encourage all of my readers to send bullshit to your address, clogging your box and crashing your computer. Send another picture of a kitten, and I will send Kevin, my research assistant, to your house to personally kill your cats. Consider yourselves warned.

Hey, Savage Love Readers: Are you or were you the "slut" at your high school? Whether you earned the reputation or not, writer Emily White (Spin, Rolling Stone, etc.) would like to interview you for a book she's writing. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Call 1-800-750-0099 or e-mail

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