In 1995, Jack Davis and Warren Hinckle spent the balance of their time working on or for Willie Brown's mayoral campaign. They were not involved in the smear campaign against Fazio. But both men are tireless, no-holds-barred political fighters who are also close friends and confidants of the district attorney. I don't doubt they've been a factor in discouraging potential opponents.

As Hallinan cranks up his campaign machine, you'll hear lots of stuff about how he has aggressively pursued crimes against women; how he has made domestic violence cases a priority. How he has decriminalized low-level narcotics cases. All of it will be true. And, to a degree, worthy of praise.

But these easily achieved ends have to be placed in a larger context. His easy liberalism has to be balanced against his constantly rotten judgment and inexperience in criminal law -- as well as the tactics he allows his friends to employ in order to protect him.

After that, I believe the choice is clear.
Oh, wait, I forgot. We don't really have a choice.

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