Mary Turner
Chevy Chase, Md.

Bubba's a Decent Swami
I am writing to point out and strongly protest the slanderous and untrue statement made against my Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, formally known as Bubba Free John ("Sex and the Singular Swami").

To quote from the article on the Ananda Church sex scandal: "For the past 16 years, Greene has run a one-man cult-prosecuting operation from his San Anselmo office. He has butted heads with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, the Church of Scientology, and the San Rafael-based Johanine Daist Communion, led by Bubba Free John (aka Franklin Jones), who was exposed in the '80s as having sexually enslaved some of his female devotees."

Adi Da was never "exposed" as having done such a thing. He was accused of something similar, but the lawsuit based on these false allegations never made it to trial and the accuser never received a settlement.

Yet people and the media continue to casually, without inspection, and with an openly prejudiced attitude toward anything involving "gurus" and small alternative religious groups, speak and print accusations from the past that have somehow gradually evolved into "facts."

In the face of, I presume, true facts of women being exploited by the Ananda Church's so-called "spiritual leaders," I realize that it is immensely difficult for most people to keep an open mind toward anyone claiming to be a spiritual teacher, guru, and especially a God-realized being.

I can only pray that people won't give into despair and cynicism in thinking or feeling that there are no truly genuine and great men and women who are real reflections of the Divine. I pray that they will continue with open minds and hearts, but also with discrimination and intelligence, to find the truth that is always already there.

It is my understanding, not my mere belief, that Heart Master Adi Da is the truth incarnate in a bodily human form. In my over 20 years of informal and formal relationship with him, I have never seen nor heard of Heart Master Adi Da speaking or acting without 100 percent integrity in his profound and unwavering blessing work to only serve his devotees' realization of his very same state of Divine Being.

Cyril Hinds

Burn the Wapama
Simple -- make a Burning Ship Festival for Dec. 31, l999, in the bay ("Ship of Fools," March 17). Let the Wapama go out in a blaze of glory. Its time has passed.

Erik Beckjord
North Beach

Gang Troubles
I was really touched by your article "East Side Story" in the March 3 edition. I may be white and live in the north Oakland Hills, but I can still sympathize with the gangs of the San Francisco ghettos, because I have friends who live in those areas whose homes have been hit more than once by stray bullets and who are scared to walk their own neighborhood streets at night.

Keep up the good work, keep the engaging articles running.
Daniel Alper

We Meant What We Said, And We're Sticking to It, Whatever It Was
I had trouble figuring out what Matt Smith and Lelania Sperrazza were trying to say ("Laissez Ferret," Bay View, Feb. 24). That the ferret underground is a heroic band of convention-defying animal lovers, willing to stand up to bureaucracy and conformity, as I might expect from the Weekly?

That they are a nasty cabal who would bring in these "vicious predators" from other states (from which the beasts apparently cannot come on their own four feet) at our expense? Then I got it. We are to apply the "mouse test" to any animal we would have by our side. Hmm. I seem to be harboring a "mouse-killer" (I thought that would be a good thing, now that bubonic plague is back in California.) If I "took a live mouse and let it go, it would be interesting to see what [she] would do." Bye-bye, kitty.

Judith Hibbard
Via Internet

Giant Crimes
The Giants' dirty dirt story takes a complex subject and makes it wonderfully clear ("The Dirt on the Giants' Dirt," Cothran, March 10). Keep up the pressure for prosecution. Don't let the lackeys in the mainstream cover up the crimes of willfully endangering the public health with hazardous levels of lead.

Terence O'Rourke
Houston, Texas

Rick Thurber's Stooges
Reading George Cothran's recent piece on Rick Thurber and his efforts to clean up the city's telephone poles ("Speechless in San Francisco," March 3), it seems that things in this town just go from bad to worse. Having myself recently seen some of Thurber's stooges at work on telephone poles in the vicinity of the Lower Haight, and wondering what the hell they were doing, now I know: further sanitizing and cutesifying San Francisco, which means increased property values and a more yuppie-friendly environment; which in turn means higher rents; which in turn means more money for landlords such as Thurber himself. So much for free-thinking San Francisco.

Mark Eades
Via Internet

In the March 24 story "Eat This Logo, Sucker," SF Weekly misplaced the Public Research Institute within the organizational structure of San Francisco State University. The institute is under the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, and is not part of the urban studies department.

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