We're Honored

SF Weekly Associate Editor David Pasztor has placed third in this year's John Bartlow Martin Awards, a competition sponsored by Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism to recognize public-interest magazine journalism.

Pasztor was honored for his May 27, 1998, cover story "Building a Bet-ter Bomb," which examined the U.S. government's efforts to advance nu-clear weapons research, while paying lip service to disarmament. Pasztor's story drew on three months of research, scores of government documents, and interviews with several current and former nuclear weapons designers to explain how and why the government continues to experiment with, and build, state-of-the-art nuclear weapons.

Time magazine received first place in the contest for its special reports on corporate welfare. Second place went to author Jonathon Schell for a special report in The Nation, also concerning nuclear disarmament.

Pasztor, 40, joined SF Weekly as a staff writer in 1997, and was promoted to associate editor in 1998. The honor marks the third year in a row that a New Times Inc. writer has placed in the competition. Past winners in the 11-year-old contest have included The New Yorker, Life, Esquire, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Newsweek.

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