Yes, Elaine McBride has made allegations of a pattern of abuse (to the police who responded to the May 1 incident). But when I called her last week she would not confirm that she even said this to police.

This is a divorce. From all accounts, a rather messy one. All good journalists and prosecutors know not to take at face value any charge that emanates from a divorce situation. You need one, if not two or three, corroborative sources.

But not only has the DA's Office shoved this case into a courtroom on wobbly legs, it has also announced that it will pursue the case even if Elaine McBride recants.

Where's the fire?
It seems the DA is more interested in throwing mud on the walls of a courtroom -- for political purposes -- than actually conducting a sound prosecution.

Being a DA is an awesome responsibility, one that requires a certain detachment and intellectual poise. Above all you need to be fair.

Once again, Hallinan has come up short.

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