Sic: Unretouched Tributes From Sammy Hagar's Fans
I just read your resent Hagar article ("The Red Menace," May 26). Boy! Your writer sure thinks a lot of Sammy! Not! I read it with an open mind and I just don't get it. Should Sammy lay down and die because VH fired him? Should he have stayed in Fontana and worked the steel mill? Should he enjoy having no talent writers slam his "art"?

It is art and each artist has to do what he or she does, just to survive. Sammy is one of the best/strongest rock singers around today. I've seen him sick as a dog, still rock like it's his turn to shine. The dude is just making a living!

When are the Van Halen lovers going to back off!? The reviews of his art, before VH, where never ugly. They might have not liked his music, but at least they didn't call him white trash! I think you guys should be able to listen to a album, Sammy's or anyones for that matter, and give it a review worth reading. No, you seem to think it's funny to mock an artist and call it a review! Well if you have the balls, you can print this! (I doubt it!) I hope Sammy never agrees to talk to your writers ever again. He doesn't deserve that kind of lame ass writing.

Big Dave Little
Los Angeles

This is a great article ("The Red Menace"). I grew up in the bay area listening to Sammy Hagar and I still think he Rocks. Music has changed, times have changed but one thing hasn't... Sammy Hagar's loyal fans. Nerf Herder -- Funny I've never heard of them. Actually I'm glad I've never heard of them. Losers. Thanks again for the great article.

Andrea Lepley

This is in response to your article on Sammy Hagar ("The Red Menace"). How can you print such a negative article on our hometown favorite? Sammy is and always will be the bay areas favorite rocker. He has sold millions of albums so he must be doing something right. They come and they go but he is like the little bunny "still going"

love ya , Sammy
Ken Jensen

EXCELLANT ... is all that can be said about Jack Boulware's recent article about the MAN ... Sammy Hagar ("The Red Menace").

Having been very fortunate to meet Sammy on several occassions I too can say "Sammy is one of the nicest, coolest, down to earth human beings on the face of this planet" Long Live Sammy Hagar and thank you Jack Boulware for the great write up.

David "Sammy" Russell
London, Ontario

I loved the article ("The Red Menace"). Thank you for featuring Sammy, he is the most fun I have had at a concert or in the car, listening to the radio! Sammy has always been an indulgence of mine, since I was 13/14 years old. Part of the draw is the energy level of Sammy, the other part, as you discuss in your article, is his accessability (is that really a word?).

Anyway, he can put on a GREAT show and what some people define as sappy I call FUN! Long live The Red Rocker! As long as he keeps putting out the music and showing up to play live, I'll put out the money for CD's and concert tickets. Thanks again!

Lisa Anne Mayfield
Tempe, Ariz.

Nestor, We Hardly Knew Ye
What a shock, what a disappointment. I open my latest issue, turn to my favorite column, and what do I find but a picture of the purported Nestor Makhno ("He's Soooo Busted," Dog Bites, May 26). And horror of horrors, but what's this I see? The man himself, outfitted in the mandatory garb of the dreaded socializing yuppie, a bomber jacket!?

Perhaps the police should have looked for other incriminating materials while searching his apartment. Methinks they'd have likely found other yuppie paraphernalia like Cuisinarts and Neiman-Marcus catalogs hidden in the closets.

The jig is up Keating -- you are one of them!
Name Withheld
Via Internet

Well, Um, Golly. This Is Kinda Cute
There are two columns in SF Weekly that I really couldn't envision life without: Savage Love and Dog Bites. Since his column is syndicated, Dan Savage is probably not lacking in praise and recognition for his sharp wit and open mind, so I'll concentrate on the amazing genius of Laurel Wellman.

Thank you, Laurel, for your unique and creative sense of humor, and the well-written way in which you express your thoughts each week in Dog Bites. Long live the Weekly!

B. Keane

You're Welcome. Now What Can You Do About the Newsrack Ordinance?
I want to thank you and your readership for selecting me as San Francisco's Best State Legislator (Best Of San Francisco 1999). It is quite an honor, and although it is not an exhaustive list, I have impressive competition. The SF Weekly readers are cutting-edge, genuine, and sophisticated, hip but still hopeful. Thank God longtime cynicism has not quite taken hold.

Carole Migden
State Assemblywoman

Maybe If They All Spoke the Same Language
The SF Weekly Best Of San Francisco 1998 award for Best Fabric Store proudly hangs in our office. Today, we sit disillusioned about your Best Of San Francisco 1999 issue.

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