It certainly does not make us happy that we did not win your award this year, but what makes us more unhappy is the curt comment about the employees of a certain large downtown store.

As most local people already know, Britex is a large, fabulous fabric store -- employing 50 sales people -- and has been in San Francisco since 1952. It is hard to compare such an establishment to a boutique fabric store with three or four sales people.

Our apologies to any one of your staff or readers who may have had a negative experience here at Britex. We are constantly striving to offer not only the best and most vast selection of fabrics and accessories, but to offer the best service from an experienced sales staff that together speak 19 languages.

Beverly Spector
Britex Fabrics

Several points mentioned in "Boob Tube," a Bay View published June 2, require correction or clarification.

The combined viewership for CNET's five television programs was misstated as 1 million. In the company's 1998 annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, viewership was reported as 1.5 million. CNET says that viewership now is 2.5 million for the five shows, and an additional 4.5 million for the company's 90-second Tech Reports television spots. Those numbers, however, cannot be verified.

CNET has entered an agreement with CNBC, not MSNBC, to produce a new technology show.

As part of a licensing agreement be-tween CNET and the USA Network, the USA Network did receive CNET stock options in 1995, but is not currently receiving stock options. CNET also has other sources of revenue for its television division besides the USA Network licensing agreement.

SF Weekly regrets the errors.

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