Savage Love


I have some experience with straight boys' tits, and, yes, some straight boys like having their tits played with. But some don't, and, more important, most don't miss tit action when they don't get it. Scared of Breasts was worried her big-titted boyfriend would expect her to play with his tits, and perhaps I was a bit too emphatic when I said that straight guys don't like tit action. However, I was merely trying to allay SOB's fear that tit action would be expected of her. As you yourself admit, the straight boys whose tits you've played with were "surprised" by the attention, and didn't expect nor require tit action to get off. None of the straight boys you've messed around with -- and none of the ones I've messed around with --would have missed tit action had we not taken the tit initiative. SOB's boyfriend won't either.

SOB could have been writing about me. I'm a large-breasted man. This hasn't been an issue lately, as I haven't had sex in years. As long as I am not looking for a sex partner, I can have all the women I want for friends. I prefer to have female friends to a lifelong string of humiliations.

Boob Boy

Go see a cosmetic surgeon, BB. Five to ten thousand men in North America get breast reduction surgery every year, and you could be next. Expect to pay between three and five thousand dollars, and expect some "loss of sensation" as a result. But sensation loss shouldn't be an issue for you, as you're not getting any sensation now.

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