Punks at War

Dead Kennedys, Alternative Tentacles, and the lawsuit that threatens punk's most enduring and provocative partnership.

Though he rarely publicly performs music -- partially because of knee damage he sustained in the 1994 beating -- Biafra occasionally sings or writes for musical projects, including Lard, a collaboration with members of the Chicago industrial band Ministry. The bulk of his post-Dead Kennedys recordings, however, are his own politically themed spoken-word albums, and he continues to speak around the country, mainly on college campuses.

Ray and Flouride have been playing together locally in Jumbo Shrimp, a surf rock trio. Peligro now lives in Los Angeles, where he continues to play music. Ray also has his hand in a number of recording projects, and says he's started getting involved in the rave scene, which attracts him because "you don't have to deal with lead singers."

Ray catches himself, and laughs. "That's a joke. Kind of."

Alternative Tentacles Records' 20th Anniversary Party, featuring the Causey Way, Wesley Willis, Hellworms, Creeps on Candy, Crucifucks, DJ What's His Fuck, and host Jello Biafra, happens Saturday, June 26, at 9 p.m. at the Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell (at Polk), S.F. Tickets are $10; call 885-0750.

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