Side Dish

Fishing Season
Red Herring Restaurant and Bait Bar should be open by the time you read this. James Ormsby, late of Bruno's, is looking to hook a big one with his project in the old Roti space. New American seafood is the theme, featuring a delicious-sounding small plate "bait" menu at the bar, and many more fishy dishies with tropical and Asian-inspired sauces. That's where I'm setting course for my Sunday night fish fry.

A Tree Grows on Chestnut
Harry just got word that Ken Zankel of Zinzino has purchased the oh-so-popular Grove a mere block away on Chestnut Street. Now don't worry, kids -- he's not going to shut down the Marina's sunniest pickup spot. And he's not going to enforce a dress code banning college sweat shirts and Tevas worn with socks, either; he plans to keep it as it is, adding Zinzino-quality food by chef Rappaport, so you can nibble at something tasty while your nonfat decaf gets cold. Just be sure to eat daintily -- you never know who's watching.

Starting tomorrow morning you can breakfast among the pines at the newly public Presidio Cafe. Located in the golf course clubhouse, the dining room boasts 150 seats -- 55 out on the terrace. (Just watch out for stray golf balls falling into your cappuccino.) Chef Joseph Renner will be manning the range for breakfast -- the most important meal of the day -- lunch, and an early dinner till 8 p.m. Renner was born on the base, so drop in and hail his triumphant return.

Make It So
The tasty hit of the Star Trek: Voyager syndication party at the Cypress Club was pastry chef Erik Souza's Voyager logo cookies. Paramount called the next day to order dozens baked for their L.A. office's media blitz. The entire intergalactic cast was in attendance at the fete -- except for Seven of Nine, who reportedly doesn't get along with commanding officer Capt. Janeway.

Special Note
I'm supposed to be meeting some friends for dinner at the new Metreon, but I'm still looking for parking.

By Harry Coverte

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