Into the Woods

And some audience members may even be unwilling to credit this knowledge. It wouldn't surprise me at all if The Blair Witch Project became the subject of its own urban legend. Leaving the theater after the screening I attended, I heard a young man ask the publicist, "So, is this real?" One of his companions pointed out, "No, didn't you see? It had that 'All characters and events are fictitious' thing in the credits."

"Yeah," he said. "But don't they have to put that on, for legal reasons?"
I loved this gullible viewer's yearning to believe in the veracity of what he had just seen, terrifying though it was -- his yearning for something beyond rationalism to believe in, for a less mundane, more magical world, for an American forest in which it's still possible to get cosmically lost. The Cowardly Lion had the right idea, and so did this guy.

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