Savage Love

"It's the same thing with vibrators. Sure, you can use them until you feel numb, but that numbness is not permanent, or even lasting. We are organic, and we heal. San Bruno advises the girls to limit their vibrator use. I would advise just the opposite: Do what feels good for as long as it feels good. You will find your own limits through experimentation. Don't heed warnings from a sex-negative culture, and don't be afraid to do it till you're numb! All you'll be sacrificing is tomorrow's orgasms, if that. And there's always the next day to rack up some more."

Confidential to Thigh High in St. Louis: If you want to make money off your attractive, in-shape bod but don't want to show "full T&A," then don't bother applying to work in a strip club. There are seven or eight Hooters in St. Louis, why not be a Hooters Girl?

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