You may consider this fan mail if you wish. Sadly I'm in exile far to the frigid north at the moment and have been reduced to reading your column on the Internet. Hence you can breathe a sigh of relief that I wouldn't be able to accept even if I won.

Vancouver, Canada

Kennedys Sell Out
I was saddened by the mess the Dead Kennedys are embroiled in ("Punks at War," June 23) -- how counter to their messages over the years. Breaking it up, though -- selling out to the Gap -- could mean that three people could have enough money to live, and not "work," for several years.

However, selling to the Gap is exactly what Jello has been bitching about for the better part of, what, 20 years? He simply cannot sell out, even if he wanted to.

A rock and a hard place -- your friends and your morals.
Rocky Mullin
Via Internet

Elizabet, You Are Alone
I can barely begin to tell you how happy I was to read that article about Johnny Dilks ("Honky-Tonk Angles," Music, June 30). It just made the hairs stand up all over my arms, I was so tickled.

For years I've been secretly passionate about the same music he is, and the history, to the point where it's of clinical interest to some people (I hear the Journal of Psychiatric Evaluation is thinking about running a cover story on my Charline Arthur obsession). And I've been sneered at all over Berkeley for wearing my vintage cowboy boots.

Anyway, thanks, it's so good to know I'm not alone. Too often it seems like I might be.

Elizabeth Churchill

On Point
Your review is right on ("That Summer of '77," Film, June 30). What archery! Summer of Sam is racist --insultingly racist, in fact. Spike Lee, whom I usually admire, has caricatured Italian-Americans in such a lazy, dopey way that I can truthfully say that if a white director had filmed the same negative stereotypes of black men and women, the press would have crucified him.

Sherry Bender
Los Altos

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