Savage Love

Speaking of big gay cock, in a study done at the Kinsey Institute, researchers have found a relationship between sexual orientation and the size of male genitalia. The results were published in the July '99 issue of Sexual Orientation, a medical journal. Researchers looked at 5,172 men's cocks -- can you say, "dream job"? -- and found that, on average, gay men had significantly bigger cocks than straight men. Researchers weren't sure why this was the case, but theorized that "differences in penile dimensions" could be the result of variations in prenatal hormone levels. This study hasn't gotten much mainstream media attention -- which is very odd. When a study shows that the inner ears of gay men are a teensy bit smaller than straight men's, or that our brains are a weensy bit bigger, it's splashed all over the front page of USA Today. Why this silence about gay cock being significantly bigger than straight cock?

Researchers say more study needs to be done, but if this study proves correct, it would account for something I've long wondered about: Straight women complain an awful lot about the underwhelming size of many of the cocks they encounter. In my own research, small cocks have been the exception. Most of my boyfriends were so far above average that I doubted the average was correct. Now I know better: Since the cock I was examining was almost always gay, my sample was hopelessly skewed. Finally, if big cocks become widely known as a gay trait, will insecure straight boys start boasting about how small their cocks are?

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