Night Crawler

Soap Dish

Back at Misfit Toys: A hospital employee relates the story of a co-worker who walked into her supervisor's office and said she was hearing voices. When asked what the voices were saying, she grabbed a pencil off the desk and stabbed herself in the eye.

Back at Helen: Paris kidnaps Helen. Despite a foreboding of disaster, King Menelaus goes to war with Troy for his lady love.

Back at Liquid Soap: Andrew wants a job at the meatpacking plant. To get the job, he has to sky-dive with part-owner Paris and his soon-to-be-girlfriend Opal. Bali complains that Appaloosa has left her at the alter four times even though they both have dreams of stardom.

Back at Misfit Toys: After five loveless years, a young man meets a woman he really, really likes, only to find out she's a prostitute.

Back at Faust: Gretchen goes to prison. Mephisto distracts Faust with "insipid diversions." Faust becomes a great, wealthy landholder but is not satisfied. He breaks his pact with Mephisto. He is made blind, then dies.

Back at Misfit Toys: A young couple, living in Hayes Valley, are plagued by their landlord who frequently gets drunk and lets himself into their apartment to take a nap.

Back at Helen: Agamemnon and Achilles fight about Achilles' girlfriend. Achilles goes off in a huff, then returns. Paris and Achilles kill each other. People die all over the place. Hera demands an end to the war. Zeus suggests the Greeks build a big horse. Troy brings the horse inside the city and is destroyed.

Back at Misfit Toys: A man has an affair with his 16-year-old Swedish exchange student. His wife leaves him and takes everything. The Swedish exchange student leaves him, too.

Back at Liquid Soap: Marlena rediscovers her lost love, Andrew, but they are caught in a horrible forest fire. Whitman has a really bad trip. Bali demands a child. Chandler gives Neptune drugs and before passing out she asks that he take up belly dancing. Paris admits his love for Opal and Opal admits her love for circus clowns.

Back at Misfit Toys: A beleaguered transvestite says she's sick and tired of drama queens.

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