House Of Tudor

Hank Williams Karaoke, "The War Room," "Electromechanik," New England Clambake, "Planet Tiki," Kiss-Offs, Waco, and "Burlesque Brigade."

Last week, Congress called for an independent investigation of the FBI's attack on the Branch Davidian headquarters in 1993. No doubt, the renewed government probe stems from the continued public outrage propagated by the unsuppressed documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement. While Waco originally premiered at the Roxie in 1997, it is worth mentioning again as it might be the single most important viewing experience for anyone still believing in American constitutional rights. Wacowill be shown again at the Roxie at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 19, and Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 25 and 26. Admission is $7; call 863-1087.

If the frolicking fillies at the Clambake and "Planet Tiki" were too full of sunny wholesomeness and sand for your liking, might I suggest the heavily boa-ed "Burlesque Brigade," which offers the titillation of the Cantankerous Lollies with fishnets, wigs, and wiggles, accompanied by the old burlesque sound of the Fisherman's Brass Combo and the tap-dancing Gypsy busking of Blue Canary at the Make-Out Room on Sunday, Sept 19, at 10 p.m. Tickets are $7; call 647-2877.

Last week, in what can only be described as alien possession, I mistakenly named Mount Tam as the site of my great-grandmother's house when, in actuality, my childhood memories are of Mount Diablo. I'm sure the Rova Sax Quartet concert was delightful but, regardless, I must apologize to lovers of the well-heeled Mount Tam: The buzzards, rattlesnakes, and fear- inspiring dirt roads come from memories across the bay.

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