Night Crawler

Punks, Putting, and the Police

Dreamy hours, filled with laughter and the smell of freshly cut grass, pass as the Plus Ones, the Smugglers, Pansy Division, and the Groovie Ghoulies take the stage. The crowd pogos through its favorite songs and hits golf balls through the doorways of large dollhouses.

It all looks innocent enough, until I spot 32-year-old Peterjohn Paolucci and his familiar companion Tree Angulo (who claims to be only as old as her tongue and a little older than her teeth), both known aficionados of younger men. (Paolucci's summer fling recently left San Francisco to go to juniorcollege.) It is no mistake that they are here. "I think it's great when parents come to shows with their kids, because then I know not to look," Angulo jokes with a joyous laugh.

Rich Leblanc and his sons, 5-year-old Tyler and 3-year-old Brice, sit at a nearby picnic table. Both Tyler and Brice wear matching Lookout T-shirts; Rich is a Groovie Ghoulies fan, Tyler prefers the Donnas, and, inexplicably, Brice claims Led Zeppelin as his favorite. The children appear content, basking in the rock fandom inspired by their old man.

Near "Fort Apache," Crystal Harmon is celebrating her 18th birthday, playing miniature golf with her 19-year-old sister Brandee, little brother Julian, and Julian's best friend, 11-year-old Alex Lord.

"My little brother is more than six years younger than me," says Crystal with a slightly embarrassed smile that masks her braces, "but he started taking me to shows."

"Yeah, I've been going to shows since 1997," says Julian with the air of a seasoned veteran. "You know, Gilman Street, the Fillmore, places like that. It's cool."

The Hi-Fives take the stage. A bearded man, easily three times Julian's age, skips toward the platform, the back of his shirt reading, "Too Old to Act Cool." The CVPD appears a little out of its depth.

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