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The Ken Garcia Golden Handshake Countdown!

We're not especially worried about the candidates' ability to, say, encourage Mission District tourism -- besides, the Antibiotic Meat Brigade's Lt. Bill Trask has already called to assure us that he's addressing that particular niche market by offering a Smack and Tapas Walking Tour of the area around the 16th Street BART station -- but we feel it couldn't hurt to have a mayor who is easier on the eyes than, say, Clint Reilly. Now, we're not yet prepared to endorse anyone in the mayoral race, but we're considering it. Meanwhile, we are so flattered to have been asked for our endorsement that we reproduce below the text of a letter we received from Carlos Petroni, hard-working SF Frontlines editor-slash-Lucrecia Bermudez campaign manager:

Dear friends:

We are writting to all of you to request an endorsement for Lucrecia for Mayor of SF. She is the ONLY progressive and left candidate on the ballot.

So far, the SF Tenants Union, SF Frontlines newspaper, Green Alternatives, Peace & Freedom party, the Vietnamese Residents' Association, the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) and a number of individuals and other organizations endorsed her.

We need you individual/organizational endorsement. We are about to publish a brochure and we would like to include your endorsement.

Please, e-mail me your individual endorsement and indicate your organizational affiliation and please let me know whether is "for identification purposes only". If your organization is willing to endorse Lucrecia, please indicate so in your e-mail.



Lucrecia for Mayor Campaign

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