Night Crawler

Trend of an Era

By nightfall, Campbell has traded the versatility of his Army shirt for the sophistication of a bathrobe and two champagne glasses. In the Tenderloin, at the fifth annual "Shaken Not Stirred" spy party, co-produced by Departures, Edinburgh Castle, and Bare Bones Theater, women in miniskirts and go-go boots shake it down with lads in sharkskin suits and skinny ties as the fab four from the Termites rip through marvelous sets of gregarious, early, rock 'n' roll. Over the modish undulating crowd, slides filled with mop tops and stylish cars fill a large projection screen. "Smashing" guests are treated to a free cocktail at the martini bar.

The costume contest, entered by a parade of Bond girls in villainous black latex and sheer sea-foam chiffon, goes to a large, masked man named Emmanuel Fox who dances exuberantly wearing nothing but a red, tartan loincloth and boots. The Bond contest, which includes a dizzying array of dapper men in white dinner jackets, goes to Tyler Mack, who meets his real-life Bond girl outside. And while there can be only one winner of the go-go dancing contest, it is clearly the audience that comes out ahead. And not a hippie in sight ...

"This is the '60s I love," says a go-go-booted gal in a white minidress and headband who was earlier disguised in beaded earth tones and a braided wig. "Sleek, sexy, and full of intrigue."

And smashing.

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