They Make Our Heads Hurt

We plow through the high-tech mags, so you don't have to

Browse through any newsrack in San Francisco, and the new breed of high-tech business/lifestyle magazines catches your eye. These so-called Bibles of the New Economy boast so much advertising that they're actually beginning to approach the Bible's size. But they all read pretty much alike, and must struggle mightily to distinguish their packaging of reports on the same names, faces, companies, and toys.

For all the trees felled to report on the wireless economy, it turns out that there are actually only five stories about high-tech -- these magazines just charge about $5 a pop to recycle them every issue with new names and companies:

1) Computer Task X just got easier. And it's cheaper than you think.


2) A big company buys another. One CEO says it will be good for both parties.

3) Entrepreneur X has a good idea nobody else thought of. Marketers are excited.

4) Stock market analysts see a shift. Will it last?

5) Third World Country X/women/minorities go online. See how they did it.

Still, these publications can be daunting, especially if you aren't hell-bent on retiring at age 30 and buying a helicopter. What if you just want a layman's introduction to the New Media world? How do you even begin to plunge into the New Finance, understand the New Technology, and learn a bit of New Business acumen?

Using the October issues of the leading magazines published in the Bay Area, SF Weeklyoffers this helpful guide to reading the high-tech bibles.

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