Online Pirates of the Caribbean

Three San Francisco men found riches in Antiqua with their Internet gambling site. Now they're federal fugitives. Caribbean

Schillinger spends time improving the site. They've added horse racing in the last few months. Maybe a casino-type section is next. "We had to make a choice when we came down here," says Schillinger. "Whether it's Antigua or the U.S. We thought we'd be free to come and go."

But until Cohen's trial, and action on the gambling bills, the men are more or less trapped in paradise. There are a lot of hours in every day. The two occasionally visit Antigua's neighbors, but as any local will tell you, there's not that much difference from island to island.

Ware muses on what he might do with the rest of his life, once this chapter winds down. He's considered finishing his degree at Berkeley by taking extension classes. The situation with World Sports Exchange haunts him. He'd love to come home, visit his mother in Noe Valley, but the thought of looking for another job feels weird.

Michael Miller
Haden Ware (right) and his brother take in the scenery of Antigua.
Courtesy of Haden Ware
Haden Ware (right) and his brother take in the scenery of Antigua.



World Sports Exchange Visa and Mastercard accepted

World Sports Exchange gambling license
Certificate authorizing the establishment and operation of business in the Antigua and Barbuda free trade and processing zone.

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1999
The full text of Sen. John Kyl's anti-gambling legislation

Gamblers Anonymous
The front page of refers people with gambling problems to GA.

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"I can't exactly put down on my résumé I've been a bookie for three years," he says.

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