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Dud, Sunburn, Bar Hopping II, Hot Diggity

All right, enough already. So we all survived the big ppffft that was the San Francisco New Year's Eve. The night was less eventful than a normal busy Friday evening in August; a few restaurants had to handwrite tickets and the usual stiffs stiffed. Champagne flowed, food was good, and everyone had a nice time.

The boys at Fuse win the award for the coolest plywood -- maybe they should keep it up for that urban chic. Gino and Carlo's was the place to go for a post-anti-apocalypse pop with industry types, while kudos go to Andrew Wolfe and the team at Red Herring for being the designated restaurant guinea pig ground zero and sitting through all of those boring police meetings. Christie Davis of Bix and her champagne-wielding posse enjoyed sunrise services from the Golden Gate Bridge, and Harry Denton had one hundred dozen red roses delivered to the Starlight Room. Now that's a lot of potpourri.

And why is everyone saying that the Y2K bug hasn't happened yet? Keep moving, folks. Nothing to see here.

The heat of Rio burned a little too hot for the owners of Bahia Cabana, on Market Street at Franklin. Since its opening in 1988, the Brazilian spot had been a meeting place for the local Bahia community and fans of all things feathery and mostly nude. But on quiet New Year's Day, flames tore through the restaurant and bar, burning up the faux palms and bursting through the windows. The source of the fire is still under investigation at press time, though arson hasn't been ruled out.

Bar Hopping II
Omigawd! Another bar opened in the Mission this week! The quickly developing OGM (Outer Gringo Mission) welcomes the Voodoo Lounge. The hip room features a small sushi bar up front, a classic bar in back, and a stage that may soon showcase live acts. On the site of a former Mexican restaurant, the Voodoo counts 26Mix and the Tip Top Lounge as neighbors. ... In other newly developing areas, John Gasparini and Greg Lindgren, the boys behind oh-so-popular 15 Romolo, are opening a spot in the Broadway space that used to house Des Alpes (what is it about these two and old Basque restaurants?), right across from the newly opened Blind Tiger. ... Ron and Holly Kirkpatrick, partners in Upper Polk's Tonic bar, are expanding their empire with the purchase of Mick's Lounge on Van Ness. Fans of the old nightspot need not fear: Shaking and sweating to live entertainment will still be part of the mix, but expect a more modern twist. The rear of the building may be transformed into a child care facility for the expectant Kirkpatricks.

Hot Diggity
A mustard and sauerkraut-slathered congrats to Berkeley's Top Dog for making the Saveur 100 list. I have many fond-though-blurry memories of late-night pilgrimages to this trusty wurst shack during my halcyon collegiate years. Hopefully the national recognition won't go to the dog man's already addled head.

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