Letters to the Editor

Letters from March 29, 2000

Where is the cool music scene? Art Alexakis moved to the Pacific Northwest and started Everclear. I suppose the people angry about the S.F. music scene consider him a sellout.

I remember like it was yesterday, sitting in my manager's office talking about how we could get more press. We both laughed when we were told by one of the Chronicle/Examiner's critics that the only way he would do a story on the Cheeseballs was if he was going to make fun of us. I said go for it. My manager disagreed. The most press I ever remember was occasionally getting a small picture in the Weekly. (Thanks.)

When I was talking to the journalist from the Wall Street Journal, she indicated that the fans might be to blame. Bear in mind, the people who shake their groove things at a Cheeseball or Tainted Love show are hardly looking for the new Primus, Faith No More, or Third Eye Blind. If it wasn't for cover shows at Slim's and Bimbo's, they would all be home watching Mad About You. We can't blame them.

Should we blame musicians like myself who actually tempt these Bad Taste Techies? Don't get me started.

By the way, does anyone think that DJs-as-rock-stars might have something to do with the dead live music scene?

The bottom line (oh no, dot.com talk!) is that the people who are most critical of cover bands are taking it more seriously than the bands themselves. Blaming cover bands for the shitty music scene is like saying the theater scene sucks because of the Simpsons. Relax, have a drink and put on some dumb-ass clothes. Why do you think I called them The Cheeseballs in the first place?

Perhaps we shouldn't blame anyone, and should stop marginalizing musicians. What differentiates music from sports is that we can enjoy both The Chemical Brothers and the Hanson brothers -- Sound Garden and Savage Garden.

I wish Moon Trent the best of luck and would love to hear his music. I, too, am in a quiet-core band (MDS Trio) and would like to trade CDs. So give me a call, and we can talk about all of the great music there is out there. We'll skip all the parts about well, cheese.

Jimmy Monack
Artist Formerly Known As The Big Cheese
Bernal Heights

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