Letters to the Editor

Letters from April 5, 2000

Teed Rockwell

Coffee Clash
I am writing in response to the clip that Dog Bites wrote concerning the eviction of the elderly couple and their son by the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco and Father Russ Roide, S.J. at St. Agnes' parish (controller of said house) under the Ellis Act ("Can't Find My Way Home," Feb. 9).

I was very dismayed to hear about the eviction of the couple, but was outraged to hear why they were evicted. It wasn't so the house can be sold to benefit the parish. It was sold to be turned into a Starbucks-style coffeehouse. How do I know this? Because I am in possession of several confidential letters signed by Roide, explaining the project in its entirety, and a cover-up in case anyone called to inquire about the subject.

When word was in the wind about the project, a letter was sent telling everyone to get their stories straight when people start calling. I have never been a big fan of the Catholic Church, and this maddens me even more. Evicting the elderly to put a coffee shop in the house? What is going on? Is this legal? How does this affect the zoning laws in the area? Am I affected? To further try to cover up all of this angers me even more.

Thank you, Dog Bites, for airing an issue that needs it ... BADLY.

Amber Clisura

Union Blues
SEIU 790's dismissal of openly gay, newly elected Democratic County Central Committee member Criss Romero ("Closed Shop," Bay View, March 15) is another example of the rampant corruption in local politics. Hasn't 790 ever heard of democracy? Doesn't a union member have a right to campaign on his own time for the candidate of his own choice -- even if it's not the candidate who strong-armed his union into an early endorsement? And on top of everything else, to go after Romero's meager unemployment insurance! Shame on you, 790! No wonder we don't have a living wage -- you supported the man who's kept it from passing.

I am a supporter of workers. I am a worker. My father died a worker. My allegiance will always be with workers and the working class. I will always fight for a real national minimum wage, worker-owned businesses, and a redistribution of the wealth in this country. I will not raise a finger for those who purport to represent workers but act more like the people who oppress us all.

Tommi Avicolli Mecca
Via Internet

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