Detox for Dummies

The Heartbreak of Split Ends: Sandra Bullock in 28 Days.
K.C. Bailey
The Heartbreak of Split Ends: Sandra Bullock in 28 Days.

Ah, well. It's not like guy movies are any more realistic; just wait until Sylvester Stallone's rehab movie D-Tox comes out in the fall. A realistic depiction of rehab would inevitably be more critically acclaimed, but it would also be a major downer (see Michael Keaton's Clean and Sober for a taste of this). Audiences don't tend to react well to sheer, unbridled suffering. But a character beating tough odds, and striking a blow for sisterhood? That they'll pay to see. 28 Days may be escapism masquerading as infotainment, but as the former, it does its job well. And as sunny as the rehab facility is made to look, perhaps audience members will at least be discouraged from attending by the fact that no sex or romance is permitted with other inmates. Even in the unlikely event that they do look like Sandra Bullock.

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