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For a list of venues of upcoming and past shows, as well as groups we have shared the stage with, please visit our Web site, www.orixazone.com. You will notice from the many different places and bands mentioned that we have NO problem playing in front of Latino, non-Latino, or mixed crowds. As a matter of fact, even in the "English speaking" clubs, the crowd is generally split 50/50. Latinos always come out and support us, for which we are entirely grateful. Without them, Orixa wouldn't have survived since 1993.

The challenge for us in the past few years has been in convincing club owners, booking agents, and concert promoters outside the rock en español sphere that our music is first and foremost ROCK. That is why the Wammies nomination where we were included with Ritmo y Armonia and Vinyl in the Latin music section was mentioned. Spanish surnames aside, we share almost nothing in common with either of these groups musically.

One band receiving major local publicity, such as an interview in SF Weekly, will undoubtedly help all rock en español bands in the Bay Area by creating a broader base of awareness within both the Spanish- and non-Spanish-speaking community, thereby helping the ENTIRE scene grow.
Paul Yturriago-Lopez
Guitarist, Orixa

Now You Know
Reading your piece on Tom Lehrer ("That Was the Wit That Was," April 19) gave me flashbacks of listening to him on The Dr. Demento Show back in the '70s. Thanks. I always wondered who sang "National Brotherhood Week."
Gene Mahoney
Via Internet

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