Best Sushi Restaurant to Which to Take a Microbiologist

Kitaro Japanese Restaurant

Kitaro's well-rounded menu has all the traditional Japanese food offerings: bento boxes, udon, and donburi. But it's the sushi people line up for, especially on weekends. Kitaro, which has a distinctly Asian-pop culture feel to it, offers both traditional sushi and its own seaweed-and-rice creations. And with its long list of vegetarian and completely fish-free sushilike rolls, Kitaro also gives vegetarians and paranoid microbiologists a chance to play. Shiitake mushrooms, ume (pickled plum), asparagus, green beans, eggplant, and other veggies are steamed and rolled in sushi rice and seaweed, and sometimes drizzled with teriyaki sauce. The flavorful but inexpensive vegetarian rolls will help you include sushi-skittish friends in the dinner plans and impress the palates of even hard-core sushi enthusiasts.

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