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Got It; Got It; Didn't Get It; Female Cracker Morons Who Maim; Ounce of Prevention; Our Apologies, John; The Oddest Clarification We've Published This Year

In Washington state, a bill passed last year allowing pharmacists to give emergency contraception without a prescription, using physician-guided protocols. The program has been a success. In February 1999, Sen. DeDe Alpert introduced a similar bill in California, SB 404. It's been inactive in the Legislature for over a year. The legislators who are so willing to act to save a handful of abandoned babies should not forget over 500,000 women in the state who also struggle over an unplanned pregnancy every year. It's about time the California Legislature passed emergency contraception pharmacy access legislation, and Gov. Davis signed it.
Pamela Ling, M.D.
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Our Apologies, John
Thanks from all of us here to Michael Scott Moore for getting it ("Facial Hair," Stage, May 10)! Also for the gratuitous Steve Winn slams -- we cut all ties there after the Fringe fiasco of last year. A true cretin. It's been a true privilege to work with Dan Carbone over the course of the last couple years and this piece was a particularly amazing process (as I'm sure you can well imagine).

One small item -- the photo accompanying the review was done not by Laurie Gallant (Exit's regular photographer), but by John Sowle. A small but irksome issue here on the home front. Again, many thanks.
Steven Patterson

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