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Live Nude Bands

Last year, the final death match between the Phantom Surfers and the Aquamen resulted in one band being barred from the stage and the other being stripped of its clothing. Once again, Ian Brennan's "Live Nude Bands" benefit showcase proves that "nothing can come between musicians and their music."

This year's derring-doers include Storm, Tribe 8, Essence, Gun & Doll Show, Hi-Fives, Marginal Prophets, White Trash Debutantes, and Three Day Stubble. As previously, the gig is run as a game show; time slots are determined in a battle of wits and brawn through spelling bees and tug of war. The band that loses two games of tug of war and one spelling bee headlines the show, but only if they perform bare-assed. Now, looking over the list of possibilities, I imagine hundreds of tickets selling on the possibility of sultry sexpot Storm singing in the buff, but I don't think she'd be uncomfortable enough to sate a sadist like myself; Essence, on the other hand, with those innocent, baby-doll cheeks and those funny little hats .... Of course, Tribe 8's Lynn Breedlove takes her shirt off as soon as the temperature rises above 45, but it might be nice to see some of those other superdykes get in on the action. Actually, the possibilities for the night are endlessly gleeful, but when I come to White Trash Debutantes, my blood turns icy.

If Three Day Stubble looks this good clothed, we can't wait to see them buck nekkid.
If Three Day Stubble looks this good clothed, we can't wait to see them buck nekkid.


It goes down Saturday, May 27, at 8 p.m. at the Fillmore, 1805 Geary (at Fillmore), S.F. Tickets are $10; call 346-6000

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It's been two years since the Debs relocated to Hollywood and we haven't seen fleshy hide nor blue wig hair of them since -- too busy with appearances on Jerry Springer, the E! Gossip Show, and Conan O'Brien, perhaps. The thought of a fully exposed White Trash Debutantes show is not for the un-punk rock faint of heart. Accept the risk and take the challenge. "Live Nude Bands" also features Polkacide in the lounge, an opening set by Mark Growden's Electric Piñata, dance routines by the Cantankerous Lollies and the Roller-Ettes, sounds by DJ Polywog, and co-hosting amusement by Beth Lisick.

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