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Color Me Red; No Spitting; Room With a View; Where Are They Now?

Color Me Red
Harry Denton has all the reason in the world to rub his hands together vigorously. The high-profile raconteur has bounced back from the closing of his namesake restaurant in the Harbor Court Hotel and is busier than ever: He has resumed ownership of his first namesake, Harry's on Fillmore, and has designed his own celebrity suite on the 20th floor of the Sir Francis Drake, which is very convenient for fans of his Starlight Room. Now he's also at 1500 Broadway. Site of Johnny Love's and the short-lived Coup Club, this location is prime, and primed for success. Harry has dubbed it Rouge, after his favorite color. Look for an opening in August.

No Spitting
Visitors to the Metreon (and remember, Harry was the first to warn you: Its owners have instructed everyone, "Don't call it Sony") can now have lunch or afternoon cocktails and munchies on the terrace -- Montage Restaurant is now serving alfresco. After-work cocktails will be a lot more fun as you toss coasters at unsuspecting passers-by in Yerba Buena Park below. And look for a weekly lobster boil starting later in the summer. No, I wouldn't throw that claw cracker over the railing -- you might hurt somebody.

Room With a View
The latest issue of Gourmet magazine (for the discerning dilettante, thank you) announced the Rooms at the Top Awards celebrating American hotels. San Francisco garnered two mentions: The Triton for "Cheap Chic" -- hip and not so pricey -- and the Ritz-Carlton for the best business hotel in the nation.

Where Are They Now ?
The hottest new spot to see and be seen in the City of Angels is the Sunset Room. Who cares? Well, there's a local angle: Chris Breed, who with Brad Johnson also started the Roxbury in L.A., tried at one point to work his magic in San Francisco. Anyone remember the Essex Club? The Essex, in the old Ernie's space, is remembered mostly for how fast it ran out of money and shut down, following which Mr. Breed high-tailed it back down south. Now he's hangin' with Pitt and DiCaprio ... isn't that nice.

Know something Harry doesn't? E-mail and sweep the dirt out from under the rug.

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