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I Jerk My Knee All on My Own, Thank You Very Much; But Tell Us What You Really Think; New Gold Rush Heroes?; God Wants You to Park Here; What? Only a Pinch of Substance?

Nobody wants the kind of street action in their neighborhood that Pete and the Weekly seem to think is all that goes on in the Mission. (Maybe some of the absentee slumlords who own the area need to be consulted.) But isn't there another choice between that and arrogant bar- owners beating up neighborhood people with tire irons? Ramirez is speaking for lots and lots of people in the Mission and elsewhere, not all of whom are Latino. Instead of giving them fair voice you told us the Tale of Pete, A Legend in His Own Mind.

But hey, this is America. Lester Maddox did just this sort of thing (defending his property rights with a similar weapon) and got himself elected governor of Georgia. Maybe Tire Iron Pete will run for office too. I'm sure the Weekly and the New Mission News will support him.
Bill Morgan

God Wants You to Park Here
In her letter printed in your June 21 issue ("Parking Tips From a Cyclist"), Linda Atkins neglected to mention that the $50 fine for parking in the center lane on Valencia Street does not apply to churchgoers, who have the sanction of city government. It would be nice to see an organized "park-in" by, say, an anti-religious group leaving their cars in the middle of some street as they attend one of their functions in order to challenge this policy of extending yet one more privilege to smug believers.
Carl Hoffman
Bernal Heights What? Only a Pinch of Substance?
Dog Bites in SF Weekly's June 28 and July 5 issues does a great job of "Name That Columnist" in presenting witty, titillating, swaggering, happy-go-lucky stylistic vignettes of Baghdad-by-the-Bay with just a tenable pinch of substance from S.F. columnists, past and present, generally emulating the sweet prose of the owner of the beloved "loyal Royal."
Dave Schneider
Upper Market

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