Dog Bites

A Little Crazy

So maybe it's a good sign that some of the memo's themes have been taken up in the Chron newsroom. "Everyone's going around saying, "I don't want to sit by you,' and "I don't want to sit by so-and-so,'" said a source. "It's already a running joke."

"Well, if people are getting a laugh out of it, at least that's something," commented a somewhat grim-sounding Bronstein.

For now, it will have to do. However, and more promising, at least to our tiny mind: Word is out that a lavish getting-to-know-you picnic for Examiner and Chronicle employees is in the works. This strikes us as Dog Bites' chance to show we care -- by making a big batch of chocolate-covered peanut butter Rice Krispy squares, thus pouring groundnut-derived emollients, as it were, on the troubled waters of the staff merger. Details of the planned festivities were scarce at press time, but one Chron source told us there is speculation that Guthrie and Asimov will team up to enter the three-legged race.

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