Letters to the Editor

Letters from October 4, 2000

Thank you for alerting ourselves and the greater public to unfounded and slanderous gossip! Your concern with our housing situation is touching in a way we have not been touched since our formative years. I am writing to allay your fears and replace them with new ones.

Our relocation to New York was not inspired by rental rates in S.F. (though, as we all know, NYC is notorious for being an affordable place to live), but by the age-old, moth-to-flame-like pull that the city has on actors.

Your assumption that our cross-country return for [the Fringe Festival was] because we "had nothing else to do in New York" is an intriguing theory, but it bears no fruit. It had much more to do with following up our Best of Fringe show from last year (The Bastard Chronicles), seeing old friends and esteemed colleagues of the theater, paying old parking tickets that had been nagging our conscience, and our love of the venue and occasion of the Fringe. Also, believe it or not, we take great pride in the show that we created and believe it to be of some entertainment value to the world at large.

In regard to your bemoaning the lack of "envelope-pushing theater," we have no easy answers for you. Except perhaps that expectations, like assumptions, especially when directed toward artists and the Fringe in particular, may be an unproductive line to pursue.

Banana, Bag & Bodice
New York City

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