Age of Bile

A nonprofit that's resolved our disputes for decades faces financial crisis

"The competitors I see are people with 15 salespeople and glossy brochures. I used to save their advertisements," muses Regal. "Things are looking so shaky right now. We don't know where we stand. We're going to move, but we don't know where."

During a year when nonprofit organizations are losing their homes en masse, I realize it's hard to muster passion for one with a mission so simple and modest as Community Boards'. But I'd like to make an appeal on self-interested grounds. As our San Francisco buckles under a crush of calumny, the mediation-session meeting rooms of Community Boards may provide a last refuge.

So, Krissy and Brian, I realize the three of us don't have much cause to come to terms; it's not like we all wash the same plates or anything. Still, how about we each send a 10-spot to Community Boards?

(1) "To the Begetter and the Begotten, be praise and jubilation." -- St. Thomas Aquinas

(2) Names have been invented to protect the identities of conflagrants.

(2a) Conflagrations have also been invented to protect the identified.

(3) "Where Is the Love?," Macdonald/Salter on Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway, 1972.

(4) This, and the conflagrations that follow, are real, as these people seem quite capable of protecting themselves.

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