Apocalypse, Now and Then

A measured look at the serious policy implications of recent changes in San Francisco newspaper ownership

I could go on with example after example of what certainly seemed to be establishment-worship by a newspaper led by John Oppedahl, but given the performance of both Hearst and its last publisher in S.F., such an effort seems almost beside the point. I mean, how hard can it be to beat expectations -- to seem like Moses coming off the mountain, even -- when your predecessor, Tim "Horse Trade" White, has testified under oath that he offered to swap favorable editorial page treatment for a mayor's help with a private business transaction, then reversed himself, claiming he was out of his mind or something when he testified twice about the swap, and then took off with either a $6 million or a $10 million going-away package (depending on whose sources you believe)?

T.H.T. White and John Oppedahl entirely to the side, there is reason for limited, modified, wary optimism in regard to the new Hearst-owned Chronicle, if only because in the end, Hearst showed the good sense to make Phil Bronstein the paper's new top editor. Phil's a good guy and a real, first-rate journalist, a journalist who...who...WHO.....

......whoWHOwhorides a motorcycle and works out regularly and can, if necessary, kick John Oppedahl's butt, and who won't give one inch of slack to that JOURNALISTIC PANZER DIVISION over at the Fangxaminer(TM) and whose movie star wife....!!!! .....&&&&&.....%%%.....

God, I love the smell of newspaper war in the morning.

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