The View From Here

In the Cold War, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. saw "remote viewing" as a weapon. What about now?

By day four, I've stopped hoping that Calabrese will view a target for the class. I'm too exhausted, wiped out, overemotional. I feel like I've run a marathon for three days. I feel near tears. I have to take a break. Roo is in the parking lot crying. Silent Wind is missing. But the rest of the class is seeming to improve. I watch the sessions. Shado is consistently on target, coming up with words and drawings that are vague, but impressively close to target every time. Others seem to have flashes of telepathy: For the blind target of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley's wedding, Foxy draws a man and woman in fancy clothes escaping over water. For the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal, all the student viewers come up with some variation on thick, male, cable, thrusting, tubular, phallus, tunnel, waterfall, salty.

By day five, most everyone is convinced that something is really happening here. Calabrese still hasn't demonstrated her ability for us, but even Discus, the most skeptical of all the students, seems convinced of something, even if he's not entirely sure what. I don't know what I believe about all of this, but I'm not surprised to find that Shado has been offered a full-time job working for Calabrese.

As a parting shot, Calabrese gives a blind target -- "winner of the 2000 presidential election" -- to half of the class. (It's summer, months before our current electoral nightmare began.) The phrases that come up: U.S. national anthem, death, cemetery, no hope, depression, regret, tragedy, loss, religion, disaster, devastation, proud, failure, sadness, living under ground, sacrifice, victims, mass migration, people fleeing, large flying craft. Ocean comes up with the message, "I am sacrificed. I do not deserve this, but it needed to be this way. I am helpless." Calabrese says this is the most disturbing data she has seen from such a target and promises to have her professional viewers look into it.

The e-mail message that I received from Calabrese back on June 13 read: "Darn. So much for redecorating my bomb shelter... OK, guys and girls, the results are IN! And the professional data indicates a high probability that Bush is going to carry the election with no bombs or ecological monstrosities in the background (other than the usual stuff going on in the world)."

I still don't know.

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