Biker Babes

Meet the Devil Dolls. They ride their Harleys like demons, swear like sailors, and date Hell's Angels. They're real outlaws. And they've got the calendars and T-shirts to prove it.

Now, as part of the Devil Dolls, she's partying with outlaws, and she never just sits at home by herself. "I can count on the girls if I need someone to talk to, or if I need someone to come over and watch the kids," she says. "There's always someone to hang out with. I don't have to worry about being alone."

ANYBODY WHO IS ANYBODY in the world of Bay Area motorcycle clubs makes an appearance at the Cow Palace Swap Meet in mid-December. By early morning on a sunny Sunday, legions of motorcycle club members had arrived to mill around the booths and browse for obscure motorcycle parts.

The Devil Dolls had set up a merchandise table at a prime location near an exit, with their red "Worship Your Local Devil Dolls" banner announcing their presence.

Devil Dolls Vice President T-Rexxx is the club's resident party girl.
Christina Shook
Devil Dolls Vice President T-Rexxx is the club's resident party girl.
The Dolls' admirers call themselves "worshippers."
Christina Shook
The Dolls' admirers call themselves "worshippers."
SheWolf is the club's newest and quietest member.
Christina Shook
SheWolf is the club's newest and quietest member.

But people would have sought out the Dolls, regardless of the banner. Friends from other motorcycle clubs mobbed the booth most of the day. Strangers came by in steady streams to introduce themselves and buy Devil Dolls merchandise. The Dolls made sure to be friendly, especially to the young girls who came by. "A future Devil Doll," they'd say smiling, as they handed each one a free sticker.

But after a while, the faces began to blur, and though they would greet each admirer with the same enthusiasm, several of the Dolls could be heard musing, "God, I still have no idea who that guy was," once the worshipper was out of earshot.

Near the end of the day, Calamity sat down and reflected proudly on the club's popularity. "People know who we are, and I think it's because people see that there's something special between us, and it's not just chicks riding their bikes, selling their wares," she said. "People have come up to me and told me that the Devil Dolls are famous, but not infamous. And I'm OK with that -- for now."

"We're legends in our own mind," Angel added jokingly, sitting down next to Calamity. "But the amount of attention we get, it's so cool. It's like we're rock stars. It's like, we're a bunch of misfits, but it's all good. Because we're not misfits in our own world."

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